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This season of Please Like Me was just so so perfect. The writing was on point, the characters were genuine, and I felt a connection to so many moments. I would highly recommend anyone to start this incredibly unique series!


You’ve probably already seen Ricardo Bofill’s Factory, his renovation of Spain’s oldest cement factory into his residence. Now, you can also tour the stunning space with the architect himself: In Residence: Ricardo Bofill.

They deserve Oscars, Grammys and Emmys.

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Princess Noriko marries Kunimaro Senge, today at a traditional Shinto ceremony at Izumo Taisha grand shrine. Among the guest at the wedding ceremony were the Princess’ mother, her sisters, and various other members of the Imperial Family. With her marriage, the Princess becomes Noriko Senge and is no longer a member of the Imperial Family.

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The Cottage

The Cottage

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